Coronavirus in Scotland: Prisons to set up virtual visiting

“Certainly, once the equipment has been installed, at some cost to the taxpayer, and the facility is there, it makes no sense to take it away.” There have been concerns for the mental health of prisoners who rely heavily on visits to stay in a positive frame of mind, and they are also considered essential in helping to keep family units and relationships together. “On this occasion, reacting to the conditions created by the coronavirus could be a real positive as it is forcing conservative bodies like the prison service to use technology that has been there for some time to solve a problem.” The news was revealed yesterday by the SPS on a question-and-answer section of its website designed to give the families of prisoners updates on managing the virus in jails. “In the privacy of a cell, it’s inevitable some prisoners would get carried away.” A spokesman for the SPS said: “We are looking at ways we can make this happen but there are a number of technical issues to resolve first.”