'Coronavirus lockdown is turning me into a surrendered wife’

(Pictured) A student attends an online class at his home in Islamabad, Pakistan, on April 14. Australian cricketer Pat Cummins poses with his cows at his property in Southern Highlands in Australia on April 13. A family watches a liturgy sent to them by their church as they celebrate Easter at their home in Brisbane, Australia, on April 12. A karate trainer takes an online class from home in Melbourne, Australia, on April 11. A girl enjoys her Easter breakfast with her classmate online from home in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on April 9. A high school student prepares for the next day's online lessons in Turin, Italy, on April 9. A young girl does her school work in her room in San Francisco, California, U.S., on April 9. Residents chime in while a bell rings across the village in remembrance of “Santa Vera Cruz” brotherhood known as “Los Picaos,” in San Vicente de La Sonsierra, Spain, on April 9. Spanish flamenco guitarist Joselito Acedo plays a guitar on his balcony during his confinement in Seville, Spain, on April 9. An elderly man sits in the front garden at home in San Fiorano, Italy, on April 8. A couple run in the parking lot next to their house and in the courtyard in order to continue training in Livorno, Italy, on April 7. German sabre fencer Anna Limbach trains in her backyard in Cologne, Germany, on April 6. An artist works on a painting at his home studio in Pine Bush, New York, on April 5. And I plan meals and set lessons and unhook electrical cords from necks, smiling the pained grin of a ballerina en pointe. Sometimes, I run, my legs powered by fury, and think of generations of women hammering out their frustrations at pianos, or in dough. Scanning the news (illicitly, while my daughter learns her spellings), I see the curbs on abortion access in the US as domestic violence soars. I spend it cleaning the window frames, photograph them for Instagram, and wonder if I’ve lost my mind.