Coronavirus: Top tips to keep roommate relations in good health during lockdown

As the UK continues in coronavirus lockdown roommate relations in shared rented houses could become strained. As hygiene is so essential for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, wash your hands often, particularly when you arrive back home from any trips outside. Checking in with each other at the start of each week or day can be a great way of making sure your roomie relations are in good health. Communicating how you’re feeling makes it easier to address any issues, avoid tension, and be supportive and respectful. Remember that replacing them could involve a trip out to your local supermarket, where you might have to queue outside and follow one-way signs around the aisles, which can be a fraught experience. Calum Brannan, founder and CEO of Howsy, said: “There have been predictions of a spike in divorce rates due to lockdown measures and with the stress clearly getting to couples, there’s an even higher chance of trouble between those who simply live together. If you do, you’ll find lockdown a whole lot easier and worst-case scenario, you realise you and your roomie aren’t meant to be and you can move out when it does all blow over.”