Could you be ruining your perfumes by storing them incorrectly?

Just follow this advice from Perfume Direct’s fragrance expert Jonny Webber, and you can ensure your favourite scent stays fresh for as long as possible. Yes, those gorgeous perfume bottles might make you feel like you’re living your best Insta-worthy life, but they really need to be put away to preserve their smell. According to Perfume Direct’s survey 45 per cent of people keep their fragrances “on show”, proudly displayed on a dressing table, shelf or, worst of all, a window sill – which Jonny says is asking for trouble. Exposure to both natural and artificial light breaks down a scented liquid’s makeup, which over time can cause it to discolour and its chemical composition to change,altering its smell.” So move perfume to a cupboard, drawer or wardrobe to minimise light exposure and keep it smelling good. “Similar to the effect of light on scented liquids, perfume doesn’t like going from hot to cold and vice versa,” explains Jonny. “Temperature fluctuations can alter the physical properties of a perfume’s ingredients.” “Humid environments like bathrooms, and bedrooms that might get hot in the summer and are kept warm with central heating in the winter, are the worst places to store scents,” he adds. Scent starts going off once it’s been opened, so put lids back on to minimise exposure to oxygen and enjoy them regularly.