demand rises for homes outside of London with fast journeys and more space

Our research shows families are enjoying this healthier lifestyle and are looking for it further afield, finding attractive price differentials that will enable them to afford the extra room they crave. New research from Savills shows that a modest 500sq ft one-bedroom flat in travel Zone 1 costs £1,245 per square foot, or £622,500. Edward Church, head of Strutt & Parker’s Canterbury office, believes Londoners will search for homes in smaller county towns or in cities such as Bath, where they will enjoy easy access to open space along with plenty of local facilities. But long daily commutes will cease as buyers, many of whom have worked from home for the first time, see it as a long-term solution for a better lifestyle. Dominic Agace, chief executive of Winkworth estate agents, thinks that post-lockdown many employers will be happy for staff to split their time between home and office. But good transport links will continue to be important.” Christopher Scott, Hamptons International area sales director for Banbury, agrees: “If home working becomes the new normal, we could see younger people moving that bit further out, still close enough to travel into the capital when they need to, but far enough out to buy a better lifestyle.” The experience of trying to fill your fridge in the crisis will highlight a location’s delivery options. “Although there has always been a pull for buyers to look further out to maximise space, this crisis has made us appreciate family time so much more,” says Andrew Groocock, regional partner at Knight Frank. “The draw to London will always be there — culture, shopping, friends and work — so places like Henley, Beaconsfield and Surrey will be on the map because of the under one-hour commute opportunities.” Buying agent Nina Harrison of Haringtons says: “We will likely see the young, single professionals remain in London and continue to buy flats in new developments.