Earth Day 2020: How to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly

And let’s hope these habits last longer than our newly-acquired quarantine hobbies (let’s see if we’ll REALLY still be doing jigsaw puzzles, baking banana bread and hosting our own garden Olympics in six months time!). beauty team’s favourite brands, ultimate ‘treat’ Diptyque and celeb-favourite haircare OUAI, are both about to launch their first refillable products. If this is the case, make sure the ones you’re buying are biodegradable, as they easily end up clogging water supplies and landfill sites. Here are three of our favourites… Ethique’s Shampoo Bars, £11.95, got rave reviews from our tester who said that unlike some, this one lathered up well, rinsed away easily and left hair feeling clean. Good for your hair, the planet AND the workforce (80% of the company’s employees are blind or otherwise disadvantaged), BECO Spring Meadows Shampoo Bar, £4, ticks all the right boxes.