'English football will pay heavy price for Newcastle sale to Saudis'

As the English Premier League deliberates whether to accept Saudi Arabia’s offer to purchase a majority stake in Newcastle United, it should be beware of the buyer. In just the past week, I lost a friend, mentor and towering human rights figure, Dr Abdullah Al Hamed, who died in prison after Saudiauthorities refused to allow him the medical care necessary to save his life. Other citizens who peacefully advocate for civil and humanrightsroutinely disappear, are denied visits by family members or defense counsel, and are held without charge or are tried in kangaroo courts. Video: 'Newcastle takeover deal in final stages' (Sky Sports) As if this were not enough, the agents of the Crown Prince have surveilled, beat up and imprisoned both UK residents and American nationals who question the “enlightened” rule of Al Saud dynasty. Currently before the British courts is the case of Ghanem Al Dossari, a Saudi dissident living in the UK under asylum and police protection. Gallery: 50 players you forgot played for these Premier League clubs (ReadSport) Despite the obvious belt-tightening that is required, Mohammed bin Salman continues to pursue costly monuments to his vanity at the expense of his people. The policies and practices of the government of Saudi Arabia and its sovereign wealth fund run contrary to everything that Great Britain stands for: the rule of law, human rights and the notion of fair play.