Fifa medical chief: Football should not resume until late August

Fifa’s medical chief has issued concerns about rushing back to playing football following the coronavirus pandemic and believes action should return later in the year with a new season. Michel D’Hooghe, medical committee chairman for world football’s governing body, says scrapping this season would avoid a second spike of Covid-19 cases.  ____________________________________________________ More on coronavirus: ____________________________________________________ As revealed by Telegraph Sport on Monday, D’Hooghe sees teams changing and showering together being a problem when we return to football, along with players spitting on the ground, which has now become an accepted part of the game. D’Hooghe, speaking from Belgium, said: “We are all subject to decisions at national level from the public authorities. Mostly the economics won, whether that was about jetlag or football at altitude or in extreme conditions such aspollution situations. It is very simple.” While Germany have been leading the way in getting football back being played, D’Hooghe has concerns with fans congregating to watch matches, even if they are not at the stadium.   He added: “Concerning football I think it is very dangerous to organise it with the public because you then bring together many hundreds or thousands of people in a distance much more than 1.5 metres, which is the rule in Belgium at the moment and many countries. “I would ask everyone to be very careful before taking the decision to play football again and I cannot answer when that will be possible because nobody knows the evolution of the virus in the coming months.