Hay fever getting worse by the day? Here are six of the best natural remedies found in the home

Seeing as the NHS describes hay fever as something “up to one in five people” get affected by at “some point in their life,” the time has come to hunt for remedies to rid us of stinging eyes and all of the other pollen-related problems that come with the seasonal allergy. Without further ado, here are some remedies you might already have hiding around the home which can help you beat hay fever without breaking the bank. Vitamin C is known to provide a natural decongestant and antihistamine to help hay fever sufferers with their (very inconvenient) symptoms! You can use chamomile tea in two ways to alleviate symptoms – either make yourself a cuppa, or use it as an eye compress. If you’ve got a trusty pot of Vaseline to hand then spread a thin layer inside the lower part of the nostrils, et voila! Best eaten crushed or raw, you can add garlic to meals to help with your hay fever annoyances.