How British sprinter Jodie Williams is staying fit during lockdown

If you are a non-essential worker, and find yourself tapping away at a laptop at home; unable to work; or re-imagining yourself as an English/ maths/art teacher for your kids (perhaps a combination of the above?) Here, British sprinter Jodie Williams, who is currently on lockdown in Arizona in the US, her home for the past few years, fills us in. As I am currently living in the US my recent podcasts have been fairly news related so that I keep can up with the situation back at home – this morning's was Today in Focus by The Guardian. £39.99 Today's session was 3x3 40 second runs with walk back recovery between reps and 3 minutes in between sets. For lunch today I cooked some brown rice, chicken and veg combined it with a Thai coconut sauce. We obviously do not have access to physiotherapy right now so its crucial for to keep on top of everything and make sure my body is ready for my upcoming sessions. I’ve always loved reading but I find myself frequently getting side tracked with other things and never setting aside the time to settle down with a good book.