How many children does PM have? Newborn son (officially) his sixth

The baby Carrie Symonds gave birth to today is her first child, but for fiancé Boris Johnson the experience of parenthood is one that will feel very familiar. The Prime Minister now has at least six children, yet has not officially confirmed the exact number after leading a tangled love life that has seen him married twice.  Both marriages ended after he had affairs. He was also the president of the Oxford Union – a position previously held by former Prime Minister Edward Heath (1916-2005) and former Conservative leaderWilliam Hague. However, their marriage ended in 1993 following his reported affair with childhood friend Marina Wheeler, whom he first met while they were both pupils at the European School in Brussels, Belgium. After a brief stint as a management consultant, he worked as a reporter for The Times in 1987, before getting sacked for making up a quote. He then worked as a correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, covering the European Community during 1989-94 before becoming assistant editor in 1994. Of his time at The Telegraph, Johnson remarked; “Everything I wrote from Brussels was having this amazing, explosive effect on the Tory party, and it really gave me this, I suppose, rather weird sense of power”.   In 1994, he acquired a column in The Spectator, and later went on to become the editor of the magazine in 1999, a role he continued until 2005. A few years later, Johnson again stood for Parliament and was elected as an MP for the Conservative seat of Henley-on-Thames in 2001, replacing Michael Heseltine. Johnson was also embroiled in a journalistic scandal around that time, when The Spectator published an insensitive editorial on the city of Liverpool and its relationship with grief following the murder of Ken Bigley and the Hillsborough football stadium disaster. The same year, he became the shadow minister for higher education after David Cameron was elected leader of the Conservative Party. Other notable books include “Perils of the Pushy Parents: A Cautionary Tale” (2007) and “The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History” (2014). However, it is also reported that knife crime rose by over 15% in the first few years of his mayorship, before starting to fall from 2012-13 onward. He was also named 2014 Honorary Australian of the Year in the U.K. at an Australia Day awards ceremony in London, England.