Life on the inside: 10 virtual activities to do with friends

We have been forced to learn new and creative ways to keep in touch with loved ones and to keep ourselves entertained during lockdown. Video games Lockdown restrictions have made it easier for gamers who never normally step foot out of the house to play guilt-free. There are hundreds of games to choose from, from classics such as Mario Kart to new favourites including Cards Against Humanity. The extension on Google Chrome also includes a chatroom for users to talk to one another, or you can have a separate video or voice app working in the background for those who are more tech-savvy. But making cooking a shared experience has never been easier with video calling apps to help you and your friends bake together. Wine and beer tasting If you want to learn more about your favourite tipple then online classes with friends could make a good social event. Some wine companies, such as the aptly-named Grape Night In, are offering hosted virtual tasting sessions for groups. For those wanting to try their hand at hosting their own tasting, there are plenty of online guides with tips and tricks. Having a workout buddy is a great way to touch base with a friend on a regular basis while simultaneously staying active. Video calling makes it easier for multiple people to exercise together, be it a rigorous Zumba dance or a chilled out yoga session. A virtual dinner with friends can be fun, especially when you make a meal of it by adding candles and fancy wine. It may require a little technical know-how to navigate between a video chat and karaoke versions of songs on YouTube, but once that is out of the way you are ready to sing to your heart’s content. Social media users have shared their PowerPoint party ideas online, with suggestions including Netflix’s Tiger King, “why Harry Styles is actually Mexican” and “ranking the soundtrack to Toy Story 2”.