Please don’t delay going to your doctor or to hospital if you have other health worries - we’re ready for you

(Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty) Whilst it’s important to avoid slipping into the role of the “armchair epidemiologist”, no one should be hindered from engaging in objective scrutiny of government policy. And it’s important to emphasise that whilst coronavirus is making up the majority of our workload at the moment, we continue to see and treat patients with entirely unrelated problems. 'We do not want anyone to think that they should delay seeking medical attention because of this pandemic' (Photo: Omar Marques/Getty) I recently worked a night shift where the majority of patients we admitted probably didn’t have coronavirus. We have divided our A&E department into two separate areas and have designated a handful of wards as ‘coronavirus free’, all to minimise the possibility of transmission. From the level of individual hospitals to the top of government, constructive dialogue and objective scrutiny will be essential tools in minimising the suffering this pandemic causes.