Rainy day activities to keep children occupied during lockdown

But with weather apps predicting a prolonged period of rain cloud emojis, parents have been left scrambling to seek out activities to keep their children occupied indoors. And as many are already taking on the role of rookie teacher while schools are closed thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, finding inspo for fun yet easy ideas to keep the boredom at bay is yet another to-do to add to the list. But frazzled parents fear not, Yahoo UK has crowdsourced the experts to come up with a comprehensive list of super fun rainy-day activities for the smalls. Another kid-friendly technique for an ombré issimply wetting the paper and tying it to the ends of the hair using elastics.    From getting them to find 10 items all beginning with the same letter, to creating your own clue-laden treasure map, indoor scavenger hunts are a great way to keep the bad weather boredom at bay. download a ready-made outline or make it personal with clues linked to their lives ‘where your favourite cuddly toy lives’. Learn to re-love an old school activity by pressing some flowers and creating a picture or card for a loved one. The Natural History Museum has a step-by-step guide to pressing flowers using books and other materials you’ll likely have at home. Start with shaving cream in a large flat container, use kids medicine dispensers or eye droppers to add paint, and swirl. Did you realise you can make your own in next to no time from everyday ingredients found in your kitchen cupboards? In the morning, it was his sons’ job to try to unfreeze them, using their creative minds to try to think of ways to get the toys out of the ice quickly. The dad reported it kept his little ones occupied for an hour.If you want to try this at home, fill a Tupperware box with water, put toys in it and then freeze them overnight. Put a cherry (Grape, raison, anything will do) on top and take turns to cut ‘slices’. Show your support for the NHS by encouraging your kids to paint a rainbow with coloured ice. The singer has been turning her kitchen into a stage and putting on a live performance every week and it’s the most brilliantyet chaotic thing ever. A shoe, teabag or cereal box painted or coloured red will work. Child psychologist Doctor Amanda Gummer recommends balloons as a way of entertaining and educating children during this time. “With the Coronavirus pandemic resulting in limited outdoor play opportunities, inexpensive and accessible balloon play provides a low impact, safe and simple way of bringing joy to children and boosting both wellbeing and physical health, by creating engagement, supporting physical and cognitive development and increasing activity levels,” she says. Doctor Gummer has worked with Party Safe to put together some suggestions of activities with balloons to try out during rainy day lockdown. Meanwhile Guinness World Record holder Ryan Tracey shows how to make fun balloon sculptures for kids. “Find a cupboard or wardrobe in your house and hide some objects inside,” suggests Hester Grainger, blogger at Mumala Club. The winner is the person that solves the clues and finds the items first, within the set time limit!” According to AO Life all you need to do is fill some water bottles (2L bottles work best) with water and then drop in some glow sticks. They have some other great suggestions for indoor activities including making rainbow soap bubbles with washing up liquid, food colouring, water and an electric mixer. It may be raining but kids can still learn how to swing a racket. The LTA has released a series of 12 easy-to-follow 'Tennis at home' training videos to help children uncover their hidden Andy Murray. Rediscover your inner Blue Peter presenter by turning rubbish into make-shift craft kits for kids. Hobbycraft has tonnes of ideas to help little ones turn throwaway trash into craft treasure, such as turning empty bottles into a rocket pack, old toilet roll holders into a telescope, or simply painting stones into ladybirds. The capsules are totally sustainable and the pods breakdown in 28 days and they make great little starters for seeds! Launch a competition for little ones to create their own special mocktail or order in a specialist ‘mocktail’ party pack. Double Dutch has an alcohol-free fun party pack (£43.20) perfect for kids which includes games such as Dobble, a Grow Your Own Cucamelon, that tastes like a combination of cucumber, lime and watermelon, alongside recipes for all thebest mocktails. Families should stay in their PJs while enjoying a whole host of reading and story-based activities together with a selection of famous faces. Not only is making one (and reaping the rewards of what’s inside) fun but educational too, what with the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo coming up next week. According to kids bed specialist, Cuckooland, the trend for the search term 'easy world records to break' has peaked over the past few months and has increased by 50% between February and March, as people look to become a lockdown record holder. Some of the stranger records you can attempt at home, include:  becoming the fastest at solving 3 Rubix cubes simultaneously usinghands and feet and bounding the most ping pong balls against a wall with your mouth in 30 seconds.