Record-breaking daredevil with four Guinness World Records dies aged 108

Jack Reynolds, from Derbyshire, broke four Guinness World Records for charity to mark his birthdays between the ages of 104 and 107. Daughter Jayne Goodwin, 59, said her father had planned to release a hit record this year to mark his 108th birthday. Ms Goodwin said mourners had drunk a tot of whisky in his honour at her father’s bungalow in Hollingwood, Chesterfield. American Red Cross nurses and doctors, on their way to Omsk, have their pictures taken on the steps of a temple in Nikko, Japan, on Sept. 11. Cincinnati Reds team holds a banner after it won the 1919 World Series of Major League Baseball at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., on Oct. 9. Passengers and staff members observe a two-minute silence on the first anniversary of the Armistice at Paddington Station in London, England, on Nov. 11. Professor Marie Curie (R) working in the laboratory of Paris university, surrounded by her students, young physicists, and members of the U.S. task force.  Babe Ruth, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, warms up before a game at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. A horse-drawn carriage seen in snow-covered Paris in November. The captains of Woolwich Arsenal and Newcastle United shake hands before the start of the opening match of the soccer season on Aug. 31 in London. Joyous American soldiers piled into an overcrowded convertible car waving their hats following end of WWI in New Jersey, U.S.  Pilot Albert C. Read at the controls of NC-4 biplane in the U.S. Crowd waiting to see the 28th U.S. President Woodrow Wilson during his visit to Europe for the Versailles Peace conference.   Mahatma Gandhi addressing an outdoor meeting of his countrymen in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India, in May. Junior League of Saint Paul, a volunteer organization, sell flowers outside a public building in the U.S. A Parisian couple at Longchamp horse races on June 8. Runners in action during a steeplechase event at Harvard track meet in the U.S. A Royal Navy Commander on his wedding day in the U.K. on Aug. 12. A skating pair show off their moves in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. A soldier stands within ruins of the cloister of a cathedral in Arras, France. Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown take off from Newfoundland (part of present day Canada) on July 14, 1919, for the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic. Delivery of Austrian navy fleet to Venice, Italy, in August 1919 Public school members compete in a rugby match at the Old Deer Park in Richmond, England, in January.  Nicholas Horthy De Nagybánya leads the National Army into Budapest, Hungary, where he was later proclaimed regent.  Women making bunches in Japan. A couple living in a cellar of their former home, which is in complete ruins, in Lens, France, on April 11.  “He was just unbelievable, an inspiration. At the age of 102, he was one of the oldest people to take part in the ice bucket challenge, raising money for research into motor neurone disease – sporting nothing but a pair of Union flag underpants. He broke his latest record last year when he became the oldest person to perform as a supporting artist on a TV show by appearing on the soap Hollyoaks.