This TikTok wedding dress challenge has got us emotional

TikTok has unexpectedly become a shining light in our new time of quarantine existence. Not only does it give us a new social feed to scroll through, but it’s also showing us the endless ways people are getting creative while social distancing: from putting advanced spins on “the floor is lava” to recruiting every member of the family to learn some new choreography. In other cases, daughters are stepping into their mothers’ old gowns and trying the bridal experience on for size. The mother-daughter duo had some fun recreating her wedding day look, down to the makeup and vintage hairdo. Another user’s father had an almost too-perfect response, with his hand over his heart and his mouth gaping open at the sight of his wife in her old wedding dress: “Oh my God, I’m gonna cry. One person’s mom used the challenge as a prank rather than a sweet trip down memory lane. Where’s mynitroglycerin?” If that’s not enough, here’s a bonus wedding dress video that has us in our feelings: Grab your phone camera, pull your or your mom’s wedding dress out of storage, and make the TikTok challenge your own.