Van Der Valk, ITV, review: Warren opt for a Bond-esque tone, but it's missing excitement

In Amsterdam, anything is possible.” No, this isn’t your little brother’s Facebook status, posted on a stag-do in the Dutch capital, but an apparently serious line uttered by police detective Simon Van Der Valk. Marc Warren takes over as the titular Dutch detective tasked with linking the murders of two seemingly unconnected victims  As for the case he was investigating – neatly wrapped up and not to be continued into the next episode – you’d think a double homicide and a kidnapping would be enough to get the blood racing. It is clear Warren and the writers were going for a Bond-esque tone – what with the detective’s affairs with younger women and smart repartee with his colleagues – but the key ingredient, which makes characters like Bond, Luther and even Line of Duty’s Ted Hastings was missing: excitement.