Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are becoming more widely available but the Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate has been around longer than most, first arriving in UK showrooms in 2015. As long as there’s enough charge in the battery the car will always start in electric mode, and most commutes can be completed without using any petrol. Image 1 of 20 While Volkswagen’s GT-badged models are often a little sportier than the rest of the range, the Passat GTE Estate isn’t really aimed at keen drivers. Instead, it offers a smooth, refined drive just like the rest of the Passat range, and the transition between electric and petrol power is almost imperceptible. Three-zone climate control, sat nav with online services, heated front seats and smartphone mirroring are among the gadgets fitted as standard, while the GTE Advance adds a few extras like a bigger touchscreen and an electric tailgate. The Passat GTE is essentially a standalone model, whereas somerivals, such as the Skoda Superb, are available with the hybrid powertrain in most trim levels. Image 2 of 20 Few plug-in hybrid cars manage to package the batteries and motors without sacrificing practicality, and you’ll have to make do with a slightly smaller boot in the Passat GTE Estate compared to petrol and diesel models. The Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate offers low running costs, provided you keep the battery charged Plug-in hybrids like the Volkswagen Passat GTE offer great economy on paper (VW quotes 201.8mpg) but this wholly depends on how much you drive on electric power and the type of journeys you make. Image 4 of 20 We managed close to VW’s claimed 35-mile electric range in our test, and recharging the battery takes a relatively quick five hours from a standard socket.