Zagato celebrates 100 years with Aston Martin V12 twins

Italian design house Zagato is celebrating its centenary with bespoke versions of the Aston Martin Vantage V12. The Heritage Twins are awash with classic Zagato styling cues, including a gaping front grille and the coupe’s ‘double bubble’ roof. All body panels are bespoke carbon fibre, while both cars wear 19-inch centre-lock APP Tech alloys and 100th anniversary gold ‘Z’ badges. A new pop-up rear spoiler is claimed to ‘improve stability at high speeds whilst maintaining the clean surfaces and pure lines of the Zagato design.’  Beneath their vented bonnets, the coupe and speedster twins use a reworked version of Aston’s 5.9-litre V12. Buyers can meet with the designers at Aston Martin St Gallen in Switzerland, with options including an ‘infinity colour palette’. After choosing a specification (and presumably placing a hefty deposit), you can then watch both cars being hand-built at R-Reforged.  Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Zagato.