Campaigners warn Government over ‘unlawful’ unconditional airline bailout

Lawyers acting for climate action charity Possible have written to the Chancellor asking for assurances any bailout of the UK aviation industry will have conditions to ensure there are meaningful emissions cuts from planes. Along with aviation, other low scorers included fisheries, with just 6% saying it should be a priority, the oil and gas sector (4%), entertainment (3%) and the car industry, which just 2% thought should be prioritised for financial support. The findings and the legal letter come amid expectations the Government is preparing a bailout for the airline industry, which has been hit by a massive downturn in people taking flights due to the global pandemic and lockdowns. But environmental campaigners want any financial support for the sector to protect workers and make airlines tackle their contribution to climate change – as the French government has done with Air France. “They can choose to give billionaire tax exiles like Richard Branson a free ride, or to protect people and the planet and ensure the UK builds back better.