Can a relationship survive without intimacy?

Sex and intimacy are complex topics at the best of times, but lockdown has made things more complicated than ever. In lock down we have been given the space and time to be intimate with our love partner, yet surprisingly the opposite is happening. With all the time andopportunity, one would have thought that many couples would make hay whilst the sun shines but that has not been the case. When life becomes repetitive and routine it kindles comfort, security and safety, but it is a psychological bucket of iced water for our libido. In long term relationships, this requires us to keep things fresh; for each partner to go off and have another life separate from us and to come back offering something new. In real life this may just mean going to work, or having a weekend away with friends, but coming back to the relationship with new thoughts, ideas or experiences kindles a charge which ignites desire. On the other hand Professor Sue Johnson talks about needing true intimacy and connection in order to kindle desire. The candlelit dinner, soft music and long hot bath whenleast expected can heighten desire. We have to, in my opinion, also have the ability to connect on a deeper level so that both partners feel emotionally bonded. It is also difficult to have deeper connection, but now more than ever it is important to cultivate the true intimacy that all couples so deeply desire. So now is the chance to surprise intrigue and give your love partner a sense of consecutiveness and soon desireand intimacy will be rekindled.'