Chisel Out a Six-Pack With This 20-Minute HIIT Ab Routine

You want a ripped, chiseled core, the kind that looks great when you take your shirt off, and also lends you stability and strength in all situations. Or, you could attack both goals at once with an interval training session that blends core work and conditioning ideas into one workout. You won't do pure HIIT in this workout so much as you'll blend conditioning ideas with core training. The world has this endless love affair with high-intensity interval training workouts, but, truth be told, HIIT doesn’t work for everything. If you want to beef up your bench press or really chisel out John Cena-levelarms, that’s not happening with a HIIT workout. And HIIT won’t help you truly bolster your squat numbers or dunk a basketball either, even if mainstream fitness media tries to claim it will. You can do this because you’re not aggressively loading in this workout; you’ll focus mostly onbodyweight moves, leaving you some margin for error. The key in this workout is not just surviving the core move but focusing on technique when you do it. But can you do a clean plank, with a tight core, and control your breathing? Your goal is to balance the overall fatigue you feel after the conditioning moves with precision while doing the core movements. Remember to stay focused on technique, especially on thecore piece; don't mistake a ton of sloppy reps for good work. Kettlebell Swing: This move will ratchet up your heart rate. For effective home workouts, uplifting stories, easy recipes and advice you can trust, subscribe to Men's Health UK today