Coronavirus: We want the flexibility to work from home — so why are we finding it stressful?

Instead of the traditional 9-5 day in the office, more companies were allowing employees to choose their own hours, work from home or change their schedules to fit around childcare responsibilities. But as the coronavirus pandemic creates a huge shift to remote work as countries advise people to stay at home, it is an increasing source of stress. The pressures some are under are insane both financially and mentally – we need to talk to each other and know that when you have a wobble, someone is there for you – because everyone will at some point.” It also takes preparation for employees to be able to work from home. People need a secure internet connection and they need to be equipped with basic tools – such as a decent laptop or tablet – to be productive. Remote working can also make communication more of a challenge, so businesses need to ensure workers have access to the apps and platforms they need to be able to stay connected. But with the sudden onset of the coronavirus outbreak, many are working at home in less-than-ideal circumstances – for example, with weak internet or a slow computer.