Cyrus reveals striking new lockdown haircut

Whether it's Taylor Swift treating herself to home-made pink and blue highlights, Kylie Jenner using her quarantine time to slowly transition her hair back to bleached blonde or Bella Hadid chopping in a fresh new noughties fringe, the A-list are seriously getting into the DIY 'dos. Khloe Kardashian swapped her XXL caramel coloured extensions for a brand new platinum blonde 'faux' micro bob. Ever one to experiment with her hair, we're assuming Hadid's combo look was a cleverly styled wig as the supermodel returned to her bob thenext day. The actress swapped her bleach blonde buzz cut for an even shorter silver crop in time for the Golden Globe Awards. Sienna Miller gave her go-to blonde hair a pastel twist with a pale pink wash for the Golden Globe Awards. Despite the controversial business in the front, party in the back hairstyle, the 27-year-old's fans have gone wild for her new choppy mullet with comments praising the look such as 'ICONIC!!! Cyrus posted some clues about the inspiration behind her punky new mullet on her own Instagram account with throwback inspo pictures of music icons Blondie and Joan Jett making the moodboard. Although arguably choppier than her usual look (if you will get your mum to cut your hair Miley...), the 'Mother's Daughter' singer has been slowly trimming her way to a mullet for a while now. In fact, back in January, Cyrus kicked off the new decade with an era-defining new haircut, captioning an Instagram post of her shoulder length cut, 'New hair.