EYNTK On Whether It's Safe To Use Reusable Shopping Bags In Supermarkets

However, some US states have taken things one step further when it comes to ensuring people's safety and have banned shoppers from using reusable shopping bags at supermarkets. Hay - £9 Topshop - £18 Arket - £5 Topshop - £4 John Lewis & Partners - £6 Sweaty Betty - £10 However, Dr Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, told ELLE UK that bags that are, for example, made out of cotton 'are, if anything, safer than plastic ones'. A 2010 study analysed 84 reusable bags that shoppers brought to supermarkets and researchers found bacteria in all of them, and e.Coli in eight per cent. While some areas of the world have banned the use of reusable shopping bags in stores, the science as to whether the virus is spread through them is still very contentious. For example, Greenpeace USA is warning people that articles suggesting that reusable bags are more dangerous than plastic versions at spreading the virus could be linked to right-wing non-profits and contain misinformation. I love that we got rid of plastic grocery bags because we wanted to save the turtles and now we need them back because COVID-19 precautions are advising against reusable shopping bags ‘Even in the short term, plastic does not inherently make something clean and safe, and we should not confuse corporate public relations with factual medical research,’ Hocevar said. In recent years, the UK government has made important steps towards promoting the use of reusable shopping bags. ‘This does not apply to single-use bags provided in store or for other types of online delivery,’ it added, noting that it was a ‘temporary measure’ during the pandemic and that it expects to reintroduce the ban on September 21. ‘There is little evidence to suggest risk associated with virus being spread via goods, so it is safe to use these items,’ Andrew Opie, director of food and sustainability at the BRC, told the news outlet. In addition, ensure that you are adhering to social distancing guidelines at the supermarket by standing at least two metres away from other shoppers and washing your hands before and after your essential shop.