Harry’s Heroes review: Much more than just a bunch of blokes larking about

This is Harry’s Heroes: Euro Having a Laugh, in which ITV favourite Harry Redknapp gets his team of former England stars back together for one last job. They’re on a European tour to avenge their old defeats, which for reasons not entirely clear involves milking goats and playing a team of nudists. It repeats the winning formula: a lot of laughs, a hefty dollop of 1990s nostalgia, and some heartfelt truths about men in midlife. It wasn’t long before Ruddock was downing Jägerbombs and wearing a bra on his head, despite the news that he was in bad health and his lifestyle was at risk of killing him. But the programme-makers know their audience, and the heavy stuff was leavened with humour and a harking back to the days when football was full of personalities.