How to choose the perfect paint colour for every room

Paint is one of the items we've been buying in bulk, but where should you start when deciding on the right colour for your living room, bathroom or bedroom? Self-confessed colour addicts Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, the duo behind online interiors emporium Rockett St George, say there’s no easier way to update your home than with bold and beautiful paints.  They advise taking the following steps to help you decide on the perfect colour for any space: Don’t head straight for a paint chart, but look at your list and find out how each shade has been used in fashion, films and art: it’s easy to take inspiration from the candy hues of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, for example, or the saturated primary colours of a Hockney canvas. Look at Pinterest or Instagram, too, and decide on how light or dark, cool or warm you want each room to be. Preparation is the key: wash the walls before you paint for a clean, consistent surface to work on, and make sure to properly sand the woodwork for smooth coverage and a more polished finish.