How to cope with lockdown: Cancer patients share their tips

“This is kind of our territory.” Alongside podcast co-host Deborah James, aka Bowel Babe, Lauren shared some tips that helped her during those darker moments.  Lauren said that living with cancer taught her one major thing – to just take things as they come and realise you’ll be feeling all the emotions! We don't know what the other side looks like.” When you see people managing to hold down a full-time job from home, teach the kids and create the perfect sour dough taster, it can make you feel inadequate, however Deborah believes that now is actually not the time to try and be a hero. If you get to the end of the day with a smile on your face, then you're doing all right, I think.  When anxiety or tears strike, Lauren suggests you should give into them. The same goes if you don’t feel like joining a Zoom chat or working out with Joe Wicks at 9am. Be kind to yourself.” Make self-care is a must-do – whether that’s sitting in the garden with a glass of vino, listening to a podcast or doing a fun online dance class. Find the things that make you smile and try and do one or two a week.  The world has changed forever, which is super scary, but Deborah believes her cancer has given her a resilience – and also a realisation that us human beings are actually pretty good at dealing with change. “I know it’s a massive trigger for me, but I think for every cancer patient, there were so many aspects of their lives that never go back to how it was – and actually, our world will change.” The one thing she said to concentrate on is your health – the rest of life will carry on and we’ll all soon adapt to our new normal. It’s exactly the same as when you deal with cancer.”  It can be really hard to see past the doom and gloom during the pandemic, but there are some good things about it – honest! Whether it’s enjoying more family time or not having to commute anymore, it’s important to find the joy in life – however small.