I’m a 25-Year-Old Marathoner Who Experienced COVID-19 Symptoms. Here’s My Story

Under normal circumstances, I probably would have run through my sickness, but I was hyper-aware of how serious the coronavirus is from what I had read in the news, and I also felt that there was really no point in training hard with races canceled for the time being. When I called the screening hotline, I was told that unless I was a healthcare worker, had made contact with a confirmed coronavirus case, or was being admitted to the hospital, I couldn’t be tested. Since my chest first began tightening on March 27, it never let up, making it challenging to take a deep breath. On March 29, I remember eating scrambled eggs and toast, and then gasping for breath for 30 minutes afterward. I called my doctoron April 2 and received a prescription for an inhaler, which helped my breathing significantly. Though the stubborn runner in me wanted to go for a run during this week, any exercise was out of the question, since I hardly had the energy to get up to cook and get dressed. Along with the shortness of breath, the coughing, sore throat, and nausea continued as well, making it really hard to talk to people on the phone. The next day, I tried running again, this time at a slower pace on the flattest loop I knew. Be safe, stay healthy, and remember that taking it easy right now is not a bad thing. For effective home workouts, uplifting stories, easy recipes and advice you can trust, subscribe to Men's Health UK today