'Knowing they're together again gives me great comfort' Scots dad who lost his wife and son to cancer three years apart pays tribute

They raised more than £50,000 and plans are well under way to build a splash park in their town in memory of eight-year-old Hamish. Tragically, Susan passed away before the park could be completed but husband Sam, 41, takes comfort that it will now be a legacy to both of his loved ones for years to come. The couple set up Team Hamish after their son was first diagnosed with an aggressive form of rhabdomyosarcoma. But the family were dealt a devastating blow when doctors discovered an inoperable tumour in Hamish’s brain stem. The family launched a campaign to regenerate a play area in memory of the youngster to give thanks to the community for their support. But Sam told how the park will still go ahead as all funding remains in place but now it will be a memory of both Hamish and Susan. “ I cannot thank them enough and hopefully this park and future Team Hamish projects will mean my wife and son’s names will never be forgotten.” And he added: “Knowing that they’re together again, reunited, gives me great comfort.