Lamb recipes: 7 ways to enjoy lamb – roast, curry and more

Enjoyed year around, lamb is particularly popular in the spring time and is a regular feature of Sunday roasts. Tender and packed with flavour, roast lamb is a top choice for a special meal shared with family and friends.  Our recipe is simple, but sure to bring out the delicious taste of this meat. Bear in mind that to make roast lamb you need the leg; other cuts are better suited to grilling or cooking in your slow cooker. Easily the nicest cut, lamb chops make for a succulent – and flavoursome – meat main. When cooked well, you get deliciously tender meat that just falls right off the bone.  Juicy, flavoursome and an easy starting point for lots of indulgent dinners, nail this lamb shank recipe and you can start adapting the recipe to your own tastes. However, there is something about the traditional North African spice blend ras el hanout that makes lamb really sing.