Life on the inside: 10 ways to look after your teeth in lockdown

Timers can be used to make sure mouths are perfectly clean, with fun designs and colours available to encourage children. The NHS says that while traditional toothbrushes work well, electric brushes can be more effective for people with mobility issues. – Watch what you eat Sugary foods and drinks can increase the build-up of plaque on teeth which causes a wide range of oral problems. Frequent snacking between meals will also deprive your teeth of the chance to recover from acid. Swapping out some snacks with added sugar for vegetables, plain yoghurts and choosing water over fizzy drinks can keep plaque at bay. The production of saliva is reduced at night, which means there’s less to help clean the teeth and neutralise acid. If you think you are grinding your teeth, many pharmacists stock mouth guards to be worn at night which can help prevent damage.