Makeup artist shares lockdown skincare tips after curing acne

Ella Gorton, 26, has a huge Instagram following after she cured her severe acne with Roaccutane and now has her own tips and tricks to achieving glowing skin. At the age of 21, Ella developed spots for the first time and suffered many failed attempts to try and clear it - including, regrettably, washing her face with Dettol - before turning to a private dermatologist. “Alcohol, refined sugars, gluten, and processed foods can all inflame your gut and digestive system, which has an impact on our skin. Specific foods might spike your oestrogen or testosterone levels which then sets imbalance within the body, so the skin reacts. “Now you can have that extra five minutes of time to get into a really good routine without having to worry about sitting in traffic or catching the bus. It's just another thing to look forward to.” For anyone just starting out, Ella suggests trying something simple and easy to stick to like a cleanse, tone, and moisturise, adding an SPF. “Then add a humectant like a hyaluronic acid, which is massive in the industry now and that holds in and retains moisture in the skin. It’s so important, especially for people using active ingredients in their daily routine so you don’t want to make your skin more sensitive to the sunlight. Regardless of how hot it is outside, UVA rays are consistent so wearing an SPF every day on top of your moisturiser limits premature ageing.” She adds: “It’s the easiest and cheapest anti-ageing tip.” CSA philosophy “It’s recommended for starting the anti-ageing process where C is for vitamin C, S is SPF, and A is vitamin A. They’re full of preservatives that keep them moist in the packet, which are found in household cleaning products, and strip the skin. Some tiny beads can get clogged in pores and create breakouts.” “I recommend chemical exfoliants that are active, such as AHAs.