Mexico City virus deaths could be more than triple official toll

However the federal government acknowledges only 1,332 confirmed deaths in Mexico City since the pandemic began. But Mexico City, with 9 million residents, has been the hardest hit area of the country, and where official death counts have been subject to the greatest questioning. The anti-corruption group Mexicans Against Corruption said in a report on Monday that it got access to a database of death certificates issued in Mexico City between March 18 and May 12. According to Mexican standards this will definitely have to happen and there will be total transparency, but we have to comply with the standards concerning the review of the medical certificates.” President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has reacted angrily to new reports in the past that claimed Mexico was undercounting its deaths on the federal level, and the anti-corruption group’s report was unlikely to please him. He has criticised the group in the past for allegedly opposing his policies and representing business interests and has mockingly called it “Mexicans For Corruption”. Ms Sheinbaum repeated that mocking term on Tuesday and claimed there were efforts to create a split between her administration and the federal government.