Nigella Lawson reveals she never follows recipes to the letter due to 'performance anxiety'

Now, the revered food writer, 60, has revealed that she is back enjoying cooking once more - after a ten-day hiatus once social distancing measures came into force. The truth is, though, there’s only one way to gain that instinct: you learn to cook by cooking.” Nigella - who has written a string of best-selling recipe books - continued: “You learn so much from having to make do, rather than by cheerfully ticking off a checklist of ingredients.” The star also revealed that she often substitutes one ingredient for another while cooking - something all the more important during the pandemic when certain items, like flour and eggs, have been in short supply. “Nothing is right or wrong: it’s about finding your own way through it.” By her own admission, the culinary queen was not 20, but 23 when the black and white image was taken - but there’s no denying it is one hell of a sultry snap.