NISRA latest Covid-19 death figures show more than 190 deaths previously unpublished

More than 190 deaths linked to Covid-19 have been made public due to Northern Ireland Statistics Agency figures released today. The Agency’s statement today added: “The comparative number of deaths reported daily by the Department of Health to 15th May was 472. They may or may not have previouslytested positive for the virus.” That means that a total of 192 Covid-19 related deaths are being made public for the first time today. Over the last seven weeks in total, 867‘excess deaths’ (deaths above the average for the corresponding period in previous years) have been registered in Northern Ireland.” The issue of ‘excess deaths’ was raised at the Assembly Health Committee this week, where it was suggested more that while more research into the causes is needed, at least some of them may be linked to the pandemic for a number of reasons including people failing to visit hospitals due to fear of catching the virus or adding strain to the health service.