Nissan Leaf named Britain’s best-known electric car

The Tesla Model X and BMW i3 rounded out the top five, while the Mercedes EQC (55%) and Smart EQ ForTwo (45%) were the electric cars of which respondents were least aware. Tesla scored highly in all these aspects, with respondents ranking the American tech company top for innovation and helping to increase EV sales. Richard Ingram, DrivingElectriceditor, commented: “The survey shows that brands that have been selling electric cars for the longest are the ones that buyers are most aware of. “But with the market now offering such a great array of fantastic plug-in models, it’s more important than ever that consumers do their research on – and consider those models that might not be household names.” The choice of electric cars available is growing all the time, and over the next couple of years we’ll see plenty more new EVs - just look at some of the cars coming in 2020 and 2021.