'Oh boy': Uncomfortable moments for PM during grilling by MPs

____________________________________________________  More on coronavirus: ____________________________________________________ But asked by Labour MP Meg Hillier whether the cabinet secretary – the UK’s most senior civil servant – should also see that evidence, Johnson said: “I think actually that it would not be doing my job if I were now to shuffle this problem into the hands of officials who, believe me, Meg, are – as I think the public would want – working flat out to deal with coronavirus.” Johnson set a target of getting coronavirus tests back within 24 hours, but declined to say when it would be met, saying he had been “forbidden from announcing any more targets and deadlines”. He would only say: “It’s going to be as soon as possible.” The government previously came under huge pressure after health secretary Matt Hancock set a target of 100,000 daily COVID-19 tests by the end of April. Johnson appeared confused when Labour MP Stephen Timms asked him about a couple in his constituency who have no recourse to public funds. This is a condition applied to people staying in the UK with a temporary immigration status to protect public funds. Isn’t it wrong that a hard-working, law-abiding family like that is being forced by the current arrangements into destitution?” Timms explained: “It’s because they have no recourse for public funds, that’s the condition that’s attached to their leave to remain. Gallery: UK's COVID-19 outbreak worst in Europe (Reuters) Johnson hit back, implying she was engaging in “political point-scoring” and insisting it was vital to move on from the controversy.