People coming into the UK not asked to self-isolate as the virus is already so prevalent, Matt Hancock tells MPs

“Of course, if we succeed in getting the incidence of transmission lower and much lower, which I hope we will, then you have to ask the question of how to protect the UK from people who have been in a place where that incidence of transmission is much higher.” Hancock said the decision was “similar to many other countries who are following the science” and would be kept under review, adding: “Many things change fast in this epidemic.” When pushed by Cooper about publishing the science behind the decision, he replied: “Very happy to ask the chief medical officer to publish the explanation behind the decision that we’re taking, absolutely.” When the virus first started spreading, 32 British and European evacuees repatriated from a cruise ship were put in quarantine for 14 days after being flown home, despite testing negative to having COVID-19 before they flew back from Japan.