Phelps: Covid-19 has taken toll on mental health

Michael Phelps has admitted that the Covid-19 pandemic is taking a toll on his mental health. “The pandemic has been a challenge I never expected,” he told ESPN in an article published on Monday. I’m always defensive.” Phelps said that he has argued with his wife during lockdown and has felt “worthless” at times. I’ve done so many interviews after [the 2016 Olympics] where the story was the same: Michael Phelps opened up about depression, went into a treatment program, won gold in his last Olympics and now is allbetter. I wish that were the truth.” The 34-year-old said his wife, Nicole, and three children help him deal with his mental health. “There are moments, those times where I’m stuck in my own head, I don’t think it can get any worse, and Boomer, my four-year-old, will walk up to me, give me a hug and just tell me he loves me,” he said. It’s literally the greatest thing in theworld.” Phelps has spoken about how working with a therapist has helped him. And he said understanding where negative emotions are coming from – and talking about them – is vital. “Not long ago, I had a speaking engagement at a major global company about mental health,” said Phelps. “After I spoke, there was a Q&A and this younger guy gets up in front of the entire group and starts talking about his struggles. It shows we arefinally getting to a point where there is an understanding that mental health struggles are real.