Premier League clubs fear losing out on broadcast money from next season

Premier League clubs are concerned that their key broadcast partners who are fundamental to the financing of the competition will try to renegotiate the final two years of the existing rights deals if and when the next season begins. The beIN Sports deal, that covers the Middle East and North Africa, is worth around £500 million over three years, the largest proportion of the total £1.4 billion the Premier League earns annually from overseas broadcasters. In its Covid-19 document circulated to clubs and players, the Premier League estimated its losses for not finishing this season at £1.137 billion alone in potential broadcaster rebates and lost commercial and match-day revenue. In addition, the clubs would be delivering a potentially less attractive offering for the next two years of the deal with games likelyto be played in neutral grounds and behind closed doors beyond this season. The broadcasters would be in a position to dictate terms for the first time in their relationship with the Premier League that has historically demanded top prices for its live rights.