Premier League giant losing £9m-a-week as virus crisis take financial toll

They are facing the potential nightmare of having to pay back up to £750m in TV cash to broadcasters, they are missing out on gate receipts, sponsorship deals and significant match day revenues. And there is a frustration at some of the biggest clubs that people are questioning whether they really are facing a financial meltdown because they are seen as being so wealthy when the reality is they are hemorrhaging cash. Clubs are all resigned to needing to put cash back in to keep themselves going but the grim financial reality is why they are now beginning to push hard to get players to accept cuts. There is a widely-held view that Premier League clubs are cash rich and it is the EFL who will struggle but the huge scale of losses is certain to be an eye opener and, for some, will be a game changer when it comes to future transfer plans. Brighton chief executive Paul Barber has admitted the cost of the lockdown has been huge for Premier League clubs amid the devastating effects of the virus on the wider world.