Public Could Meet Close Friends Outdoors Under Lockdown Exit Plan, No.10 Signals

Scotland’s first minister said it could become possible to meet “with small defined groups” of people outdoors, ahead of any similar moves to allow indoor gatherings of such groups. Asked directly about the idea of outdoor meetings that would create a bubble of close friends, the PM’s spokesman said that such proposals were actively being discussed but the latest scientific advice was needed first. You’ll have to wait until the work has been completed.” Many Tory MPs view the friends and family approach to be a sensible first step towards other relaxations of the rules. The Scottish government document published on Tuesday states: “We are considering if and how we could make changes to allow people to meet with a small number of others (the number is under consideration) outside their own household in a group or ‘bubble’ that acts as a single, self-contained unit, without connections to other households or ‘bubbles’,” the government documentstates. “It is possible that this option would be introduced first for outdoor meetings, ahead of any change to permit indoor meetings of the bubble.” Downing Street has also defended the prime minister’s decision to continue shaking hands early on in the pandemic, even though his government scientists warned against the idea on the day he boasted of the practice. “He was very clear at the time that he was washing his hands very regularly and taking a number of steps to ensure that he limited the chances of passing or contracting the disease.