Rick and Morty star responds to 'entirely possible' fan theory about multiple dimensions

Rick and Morty star Chris Parnell has responded to a popular fan theory about the show’s use of multiple dimensions. “I'm never completely clear, personally, on which particular family we're with,” Parnell told Digital Spy, saying he believes the theory is “entirely possible”. Maybe one day we'll find out.” A separate theory emerged this week, as fans thought they’d spotted a hidden meaning in the latest outing, “The Vat of Acid Episode”.  In the instalment, Rick devises a “do-over” machine that allows his grandson Morty to “save his progress” in life, and time travel backwards if something goes awry. Fans have suggested that this episode could in fact be part of an origin story for the character “Evil Morty”, a jaded and Machiavelian version of the character that has previously appeared in the series thrice (including as a cameo earlier this season). Reddit threads and theories have emerged speculating that the trauma of ”The Vat of Acid Episode” may have left a permanent mark on the character, and that Rick and Morty is building up to the reveal that the evil Morty was in fact one the series leads (sometimes known as Morty C-137), who travelled back in time.