Ryanair named one of the top 10 polluters in Europe

Ryanair is climbing up the rankings of the top ten highest emitters in the EU, with its 2019 emissions placing it seventh in the table traditionally dominated by coal power plants. Last year Ryanair became the first non-coal plant to join Europe’s top ten emitters in tenth place, prompting campaigners to declare “Ryanair is the new coal”. Ryanair did not respond to a request for comment at the time of going to press, but it has previously stressed that its per passenger emissions are lower than other airlines. It also says that because its business is focused on short haul flights across Europe, a higher proportion of its emissions fall under the EU's carbon trading programme than rival airlines. “That trend will resume post-crisis unless governments act now to rein in their pollution.” Campaigners insist airlines must invest more in low-carbon technologies like electric flight and sustainable jet fuels.