Scones recipe: how to make scones – enjoy afternoon tea this VE Day

And whether you're planning afternoon tea for VE Day, or simply fancy a tasty addition to a tea break, this quintessentially British treat can't be beaten when loaded up with clotted cream and lashings of jam. While half of the world imagines us Brits enjoying afternoon tea every day, the reality is that it's an experience we rarely make time for given the pace of modern life. But what better time to revive the tradition than on VE Day, when we can't go much further than our back gardens. Combine your dry ingredients – that's the flour, baking powder, cinnammon and caster sugar – in a bowl, before adding your butter. For the best results, we'd recommend breaking your butter into small, manageable chunks. In a separate bowl, you'll want to combine your wet ingredients – that's the milk and eggs – until you achieve a smooth consistency. Place your dough on a floured surface and begin rolling, pressing in any sultanas, raisins or other dried fruit you may be opting for. Serve by slicing in half and loading up with clotted cream and jam.