The best methods to remove your own body hair at home

Prepare: ‘Remove make-up and natural oils with a cleanser - you want to ensure the skin is clean so the pores aren’t clogged with any bacteria that can cause irritation,’ says Vanita Parti, CEO and Founder of Blink Brow Bar. This will glide the twisted part of the thread over the skin and it’s this movement that grips the hair and pulls it out,’ explains Vanita. The upper lip and chin are definitely easier to grasp than the eyebrows – where you should stay away from the shape and just tackle the strays. ‘Take care in the first 24 hours - avoid touching the skin, any treatments, make-up, perfumed cosmetics, chlorine and sun beds after threading to prevent any adverse reaction.’ The Pro: Wax specialist at Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa, Vanya Volovsek ‘If you’re a regular waxer, it might be time to take matters into your own hands with a professional plant-based system that can be bought online, as waxing kits on the high-street aren’t as effective. Start from the edge, near the thigh, working inwards and make sure you only do small sections at a time. If your hand gets sticky, or there’s wax left on the skin – use a little oil to remove it. Apply a chemical free moisturiser like soothing Aloe Vera gel if the skin feels itchy. The paste removes unwanted hairs whilst also exfoliating the skin. And unlike waxing, you pull it off in the direction of the hair growth so there’s less pain, trauma and breakage.’ 1. Prepare: ‘Make sure the area you want to sugar is clean, dry, and free of any oils. Once the syrup bubbles and turns golden, take it off the heat and continue to stir until it thickens into a paste. Remove the paste in the direction of the hair growth using a flicking motion. If there are any hairs left behind, youcan re-apply the paste and let it sit for one minute before removing it.’ 3. Aftercare: ‘Steer clear from any strenuous form of exercise, saunas and hot baths for up to 48 hours post sugaring.