The Reader: Look after our parks, they’re London’s lifeline

I’ve never questioned my freedom to stroll in this city’s outstanding free parks. So we welcomed the announcement from Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick, who said that parks must remain open. Our city has seen tough times before, but we’ve got through it and the parks have always existed to boost Londoners’ wellbeing. And the parks are here for Londoners now, thankfully, because I believe locking the gates would hit our health. People are scared, tense and worried, facing unimaginable difficulties and distress during this crisis. Exercising outdoors in nature keeps us resilient, helping us cope. People are lonely but they can stay connected with society, albeit safely at a distance. So I want to say thank you to everyone for protecting the NHS by using our parks safely and responsibly. In the words of our new hero Captain Tom, tomorrow will be a good day. Far better to follow the code for a little while longer so that we can all enjoy whatLondon’s wonderful parks have to offer.