The A Word 'is the perfect TV in the age of Covid-19'

The incident prompts restrained arguments about whether Maurice was right to take Joe to view his charred new home before the rather wimpy Paul had a chance to redecorate it. No sooner has that settled down than we are confronted with a fresh revelation: Joe’s older half-sister Rebecca is back from university, and pregnant.  Shocking, but again all navigated the family without a raised voice, let alone an EastEnders-style brawl in the boozer. In this series, we meet Ralph (Leon Harrop), the son (from a previous relationship) of Maurice’s “girlfriend”, a teacher named Louise Wilson (Pooky Quesnel). If the BBC and writer Peter Bowker had it in mind to create a soft-soapy drama with lots of nice loving folk, some with disabilities, then they’ve succeeded magnificently – a pioneering if understated achievement. The untidy web of relationships is tricky to keep up with, but the first two series of The A Word are on BBC iPlayer so you can explore their back stories atleisure; and we all need some emotional analgesic.