Things you can make and freeze now for easier meals ahead

And, to this day, there are a lot of flavors from those processes that we love so much that we continue making them, even though the necessity no longer exists. Not only are there entire entrees that can easily be frozen for later use, but there are many PARTS of meals that can be prepped and frozen to make speedy meal prep easier. Toss things that are in bad shape (with freezer burn, etc.). I find that foil tends to help prevent the formation of ice crystals far better than plastic wrap alone. The following list is obviously not complete, but I think it’ll be a good starting point. Grains and Legumes: Rices, lentils, dried beans all can be cooked to your liking and then frozen. Baked Goods: While you’ll want to freeze cookie dough raw, baked breads (sweet and savory) and cakes can freeze beautifully, as long as they’re well-wrapped. Herbs: Leftover fresh, chopped herbs can be frozen in ice trays with water or oil for easy flavor boosting in the future. Let’s get started with these, and then one day, when you just can’t face cooking… you’ll remember that there are lots of things in your freezer that will help lift that burden.